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Improved Supply Chain Operations by Defining KPIs and Socializing Results

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Problem Statement

Changing Global KPIs

This Fortune 500 company embarked to align all regional supply chain metrics to a single global standard.

This was initialized through the creation of new definitions for Perfect Order Proxy and Line Item Fill Rate.

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Eliminate Surprises

Blue Skies was engaged to guide the Asia regional operations in change management and adoption of the new Business Intelligence paradigm without disruption to global Planning and Procurement operations or quarterly revenue reporting .

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Technical Decomposition

To ensure alignment among the new sector-wide metrics definitions and existing regional metrics, we created a special team of business SMEs and data scientists to decompose all KPIs and clearly explicate all algorithmic calculations and manual exceptions.

To transition metrics to the new big-data analytics solution we tactically managed requirements, design, and user onboarding; providing hands-on support across all impacted areas.

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Success Factors

Forensic Scrutiny

Understanding of local culture and customs enabled identification of crucial exception handling due to local market and customer relationships that were  previously invisible to global management.

Continuous business engagement and solution confirmation exposed and mitigated definition differences.

Thorough independent validation using multiple sources ensured 100% accuracy for all transformed metrics.

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Seamless Transition

Effective change management ensured smooth adoption of new process and KPIs without disruption to operations or impact to executive metric quality.

Hands-on support for management onboarding to the new BI solution enabled transition to utilize the new tool in a timely and accurate manner.