Enabling Program Implementation Success

The BSC philosophy creates the foundation for the success of your business transformation project. We form partnerships across the organizations to integrate cross-functional efforts, establish robust governance to provide end-to-end project control, and deploy multi-disciplinary project leaders into key roles to drive outcomes.

  • Culture of Accountability

    Ensure all activities have well understood controls supported with data-driven deliverables to cultivate trust, reliability, and accuracy.

  • Adaptive Agility

    Streamline complex workflows into tight iterative activities to maintain velocity and flexibility to adapt.

  • Power Through Partnerships

    Promote collaboration across business and technology groups to develop and sustain high performing teams.

  • Principle of Value

    Continuously scrutinize the solution to ensure optimum fit that maximizes fundamental business value.

  • Relentless Preparation

    Anticipate challenges and define multiple contingency plans to ensure a successful path to the objective.

Service Lines

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Program Leadership

In business and technology initiatives the key differentiator between success and failure is having dependable leaders who drive outcomes, adapt to changing circumstances, and inspire teams to perform at their best. Our core expertise is end-to-end project leadership and governance. We are project lifecycle specialists - from initiation through design, deployment, cutover, release, and adoption. We integrate cross-functional efforts, control complexity, and promote accountability.

  • Business Case and Charter Development
  • Program Mobilization
  • PMO and Portfolio Governance
  • Project Leadership and Management
  • End-to-End Cutover Management
  • Business Adoption
  • Solution Stabilization
  • Support Framework Implementation

Enterprise Data Management

The digital transformation unlocks new capabilities of your enterprise by enabling leaders to gain powerful insights into every aspect of their operations. Underlying improvements in speed, efficiency, and quality are new data-driven controls that drive effective decision making. Because data powers the enterprise engine, we understand that having end-to-end mastery of your business data is a key competitive advantage. Our enterprise data management services integrate data strategy with tactical governance and implementation methods to enable your organization to maximize the value of your total data portfolio.

  • Data Management Strategy
  • Data Governance Deployment
  • Data Architecture Development
  • Data Quality Implementation
  • Data Transformation Management
  • Data Readiness Leadership

Change Management and Adoption

A continuously evolving business landscape requires successful organizations to be agile, change-ready, and responsive. Our Organizational Change Management approach empowers organizations and people to effectively navigate change instead of reacting to it. This integrated framework leverages proven tools, driving change adoption across the enterprise and achieving lasting and measurable results.

  • Program Strategy and Alignment
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communications Strategy Development and Execution
  • Change Impact Management
  • Organizational Alignment and Readiness
  • Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development

Digital Strategy Solutions

Developing a successful enterprise technology roadmap requires unifying multiple subject matter domains spanning infrastructure, networking, security, applications, and data services. A robust technology portfolio requires a carefully calibrated mix of products and vendors to enable strategic technology capabilities, accommodate cost pressures, and support the evolving needs of the business.

Our Digital Strategy Solutions are developed through extensive experience providing technology guidance for market leaders in multiple industries. By leveraging insights of best practices across industries, combined with multi-disciplinary technical expertise, our technology advisors develop carefully tailored digital strategy solutions for your specific technology needs.

  • Digital Strategy Roadmap
  • Technology Portfolio Development
  • Technology Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Transformation Orchestration
  • Product and Vendor Selection
  • Technology Vendor Management


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